The Pain

Three months since my last post on this site. My my, where does the time go?

I’ve stopped development on Witch as I believe the exercise to not be worth the trouble. Interacting with the program environment that contains the text editor you’re working from poses many challenges in complexity. It is also somewhat limiting, because one is required to use the bundled editor in order to interact with the wider environment.

My idea for a successor is simpler, and it should be much easier to use. In fact, it’s an idea that already exists for other languages — just not for Lua — called a remote REPL.

However, that too is on hold. Unfortunately, I don’t know when it’ll be that I’ll be able to really get it going, which brings us to our main subject.

Computers are great. I can talk to friends, read the news, get entertained by all kinds of media, and write code to have the computer solve many of my problems.

Unfortunately, the tools we use to interact with the computer can be problematic. They are not perfect, and may cause problems for the user.

In my case, pain of the fingers and thumbs — not even the much more common wrist pain! Likewise, due to the relative rarity of the pain, it’s been much more difficult to troubleshoot. A lot of trial and error for only the vaguest of answers.

Of course, pain will slow down work. Any work. But especially work that involves the parts of the body where the pain lives.

The rock portraits will keep happening, but they’re gonna look weird. We’ll see what I have to show, and when.

As of May 31 2024, this article has an update.