The World Wide Web is full of neat things. Here are some of them. / All you need is links

Most new “features” in web-based software can be represented as hyperlinks. / features are faults redux

This talk explains the root cause of all computer security bugs: features. / why i don’t use analytics / The small web is beautiful

This article is an excellent explanation of the “small web” culture that has so heavily influenced this website. / Business Value, Soccer Canteens, Engineer Retention, and the Bricklayer Fallacy

An argument against Scrum and the overuse of “metrics” to justify engineering work. / write posix shell

Shell scripting can be quite productive. / Rethinking ‘Back to Normal’ in the Pandemicene

An article that excellently summarizes the public health disaster that society has wrought upon itself in its misinformed attempt to get “back to normal”.

EDIT 2023-06-08: Given that New York now has the world’s worst air quality, I would say this article is even more important. / How to be a -10x Engineer

A satirical article explaining the ways engineering time can be wasted.