Less Formatting For Me, Thanks

I’ve just finished putting together a small change to this blog: removing bold, oblique, and most monospace text formatting. Lately I have been feeling that text is more often hindered by the presence of these types of indicators. It’s no secret that I’ve got some neurodiversity — I make no effort to hide it and I’m generally not ashamed of it.


Growing up in a society that is designed for a neurotype where subtext is preferred over direct honesty, I eventually picked up a communication style where I’d try to use tone and emphasis to communicate. Naturally, the coping mechanism sometimes bleeds into my written words. I dislike it immensely. I feel like I’ve lost sight of how I naturally want to share my ideas with the world.

The solution, of course, is to quit that nonsense. I already have the means to share ideas: plain, simple words. It’s time I lean on them.